Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Excellent game! Hats off to you...
Now this is what an RPG truly is : immersive and requiring lots of careful, intensive planning for the next move and with an immense choice of weapons and armor.
The interface is amazing, and so are the battle animations.
Navigation is easy and the achievements are really hard.
The medals don't seem to work however.

What a great step-up to all dungeon games! And finally we have a true sequel to the great Monster's Den: Book of Dread. Well done.

WOW...i\m really addicted to this game...i love it! spent all day at work playing and now i can't wait to go home and play some more! very good gameplay..simple and easy to just pick up and play..10/10!!

It's alright... really preferred the originals. Much harder to navigate, and the icons are much smaller this time around. Character classes are not an improvement, and skills are shallower.

good sequel