Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Great and entertaining RPG game that combines the combat and mechanics of turn based D&D with the timed turn based element found in Final Fantasy games. That there is detail in stories and quests and detail in the artwork and equipment appearance on characters is also a plus. The unique use of enchanting and socketing items is a good touch too. Music is decent and more old world. The mainstay of keeping the game similar to old school AD&D in which players and non-players are not overpowered and magic and special equipment is rare is liable to be something of debate amongst players. This game is an advanced work that some people would pay money to just play. I'm not surprised there is a 'premium' option.

I have so much to say about this game, but I really don't feel like typing it. Great game with classic RPG elements. However, premium content was misleading,

garin-dan responds:

Message me your Paypal address and I'll send you the money.

Great game, but what keeps me from playing an RPG is character stats and the upgrades in this game is kind of embarrassing for a dungeon game. Still very good though.

I love it so far, I'm still on the first campaign but i always seem to like what you come out with

Overall pretty good game, but it could of used a bit more action.