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Reviews for "Zombie Stalker"

Meh this is nothing special, the upgradable weapons don't really do much of anything.

The biggest problem is balance. I really liked the persistent upgrades with the temporary weapons, a lot, but given the split between the various temp weapons, it reached the point where my pistol was the much better killer than just about all the rest apart from, perhaps, the shotgun. You could defenitly do with the temp weapons leveling up close to twice as fast as they do now, but have less ammo per level up.

You really do also need to lower the spawn rate of hearts. The dodge roll is a powerful enough "no damage" move without so much health dropping when you're low on health.

Overall though, I got some enjoyment out of it.

I agree with Chuk a story would be nice, and then after you beat it perhaps an endless mode or something

great concept but very repetitive after a while and there should be some sorta goal like in a story or something instead of just trying to survive

As a former student games like these took away many boring hours of my life in school. So I guess in a sense it can get better,but it does its job right proper of distracting with a fun concept.