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Reviews for "Zombie Stalker"

"everyday" you say ? It's all in NIGHT !!!! and the zombies they look like aliens and you can tell the difference , after you play for some time you'll feel it's the same with little new thing , the guns are the problem it's nice that it has a level up for the damage but it won't fill the gap you can't level up the speed of the bullet or it can change the gun to make it more awesome and there isn't the reload in the gun to give you the (NOT NOW !!!!) stufe and make you more in to the game , the sounds are good BUT for the letdown is there isn't a metel music for the hardcore gamers . it's has some mistake but you can play it for some time

Awesome game.

But the coins really aren't worth the grab unless you're going for a high score. There aren't any controls to switch between weapons. I enjoyed the leveling until I realized my pistol was outgunning every other weapon.

I really enjoyed the game. The whole leveling weapons up thing was great, but I wish there was a real use for the money that you collect during the game. Instead of just increasing the score. Money could be used to buy special armor that gives you more life or maybe a bit of health regeneration, or other upgrades like giving each pistol shot a slight chance of being a headshot or something like that. All in all its a great game and I'll give it a 4.5/5

Well, as Leeho mentioned before, it gets a bit repitive. But that's not because of the game itself, more because of the Zombie Shooter thing. And it kinda seems weird that the Pistol is probably the most effective weapon in the entire game.

You don't get the other weapons that often, so it is a bit hard to get exp with them. I would suggest that you raise the exp gain per enemy killed for those weapons so they can level up a bit faster than the pistol, which you have to use almost all the time.

It was interesting, but there is a lot of work that can be done. The movements for the enemies and yourself are fine, but the actual drops for weapons and health were difficult to get to in the later levels. My recommendation is to make the money worth something, add a screen between the portals for a shop that allows you to buy health, ammo, and even new weapons. Set the prices fairly between zombies killed and what you collect from drops, and this game will be far more enjoyable.