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Reviews for "Zombie Stalker"

It was good but I think you should add shops through portals like every 2 portals opened up a shop that you get to upgrade your weapons that you've unlocked Overall 8/10 4/5

Zombie survival, nothing like the ultimate undead genre to make a comeback.
I like the hearts give you full health as opposed to 1 health point and the fast level ups are cool with the addition of the portal boss battles is nicely executed. Plus I like that despite you run out of ammo on the bigger guns the pistol is still infinite and useful does have that fast paced race to cut through ever harder swarms of enemies to collect weapons etc.
Where it falls a little flat is the level design needed more places to go and what was I gonna spend all the money I risked my life for on?
Aside from that, solid game!

I must say that i enjoyed it to a point. The game itself isn't that bad. I played pretty far into the game but that's when the problems kind of came up. I didn't know how far i was to the end of the game with only the amount of zombies on the screen to measure up the difficulty and the difficulty up notice to let yah know that it's gettin harder. The game description almost hints that their is an ending to the game when in actuality your just trying to survive as long as possible and get as high of a score you can. Their is nothing to live up to in this game except playing against your self to keep track how high of a score you can get. I think a High Score board would have really upped the auntie cause i know that alot of gamers out there really play hard on games especially ones with high score boards up. As said before switching weapons would have been sweet and maybe even some kind of shop cause the coins or the gold that give you extra points in the game could have influenced some kind of shop to come up perhaps right after entering a major portal then a shop screen could come up to buy stuff (that doesn't mean get rid of the health drops and weapon drops. Leave those be and just include those in the shop so that if we haven't already collected one of the weapons we want then we can buy it right before going into the portal boss challenge and even buy special weapons that aren't dropped in the game or power ups). The difficulty curve really confused me because although singular zombies soon became swarms and faster, their health / hit points didn't appear to get higher. Either that or the weapon's level came up too fast so you could kill them too easily with one hit especially with the default handgun. The Uzi like rapid fire gun could have leveled up a little faster for the shot gun and the grenade launcher surpassed its level very quickly even if you got the rapid fire more than the grenade or shot gun. So as a result the difficulty curve became quite erratic. I didn't quite get how the retry system worked. I couldn't grasp whether you start off at the first difficulty level or whether you start just a couple levels easier than the level you died on. I actually thought the animation and graphics fit well into the game genre, not extremely clean but just enough "camp" to give it that ragged zombie Apocalypse feeling. Every type of zombie had it's own character with throwing things to dragging it'self across the ground and even being just a bit faster than you that it can swipe at you or blow up to damage you. Their movements were pretty cool too very wild and barbaric like. True a bit more zombie variety, different levels, different bosses (other than bigger versions of the already constant zombie swarm), all would have been nice but i think that with whatever constrictions held you this is a nice game that you made. Ok game over for me and see yah around. I gots more constructive criticism to right :P

kind of fun but not very innovative
call me girly but the fact that the guy was holding some kind of minigun and the icon was an mp5-like submachine gun bothers me

not polished enough and doesnt adds anything new

It's so nice to see MiniClip finally get a front page and/or a Daily Feature again! I'm not going to lie, I kind of thought that this one of the lesser entries in the DF winner series. What is best about it is probably how well the zombies are done. Admittedly, they look a bit clumsy at times, but it was actually done pretty well. It's mostly just standard zombie shooting stuff. It seems like there have been some of those zombie things going on, maybe because of "The Walking Dead" returning.

The music is decent as well. Some of the zombie's designs just look a little weird, but they still have good variety to them. What I also like is how it's basically everything you could want in a zombie game with all the shooting and enemies falling down and stuff. I also liked how you immediately got the weapon that you were given and didn't have to change.