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Reviews for "Zombie Stalker"

1. Too generic
2. The weapons sprites and images don't make sense:
- The pistol sprite looks like a SMG
- The rifle image is a SMG (MP5) and the sprite is a minigun.
- The grenade launcher sprite looks like a SMAW
- The laser gun is too weak

Standard zombie shooter. Leveling up guns is interesting, but it takes too much effort to do so. Difficulty raises too quickly; I'm fine with more zombies, and stronger zombies, but you do both too often for weapon leveling to keep up without dying repeatedly. The difficulty curve begins to spike about the time you unlock the final gun. Even this would be fine if the guns didn't purely come in the form of pick-up items, and instead could be switched between.

Not bad, but could do some polishing. For example there are only 2 levels, and the entire game is focused in warping between the two with slightly increased difficulty. Weapons lack a reload, not even the pistol has a reload that's very anti-climatic. One thing that I really didn't like was the "rifle" weapon. I mean what is up with that, I'm not a weapons expert but I think that weapon is not a rifle, it's a sub-machine gun, and to top it all off sprite for it is a freaking gatling gun....
-It's fun
-It's quick
-Individual weapon level up system
-Controls are very good
-Get's repetitive after 20-30 mins of game-play
-It goes waay to fast, it doesn't even have a story
-Looks that they spent too much time polishing the controls and not the gameplay

Just another generic zombie shooter. There's enough of these now that you really have to make it unique to be enjoyable.

Cool beans. The animations were nice and the controls were easy and tight. Game flowed smooth and was all around a nice game.
I'm no expert on Flash games but it was good if you asked me.