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Reviews for "Zombie Stalker"

I cannot say bad when it's about killing zombies with big guns. Conception is not that bad and there is a good number of ennemies. But no upgrade (guns can level up but dunno what it does) and only "subworlds", everythings happens in that cemetery.

Overall, pretty fun i found it hard to exit (i'm not crazy about the over the head view) but yours was nice. Also I think what kept me playing this was the upgrades so nice touch.

Really hard, but fun. It could be better.

It's not the most complicated game in the world but, it doesn't have to be. Tons of addicting zombie killing fun. Good job.

It's a decent game, but I've played better zombie shooters. Hell there's a lot of them out there. There's certainly room for improvement: perhaps a shop system to use the coins you can collect, Ammo pickups for the other weapons, more accuracy when it comes to detail, like the 'Rifle' appears to be an MP5 which is an SMG, and the actual model that your character holds seems to be a mini-gun? That's just weird.

Anyway, overall it's a solid game, but could use more content to make it better, more guns and the sort.