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Reviews for "Zombie Stalker"

The BEST thats all u have to say.

Pretty fun.
Feces-throwing zombies made it all worth it!!

Pretty cool game, i'm glad this actually got some recognition on miniclip!

Good but not quite great.

Concept: Create a zombie shooter

Aesthetic: The art style is cartoon like making this zombie game kid friendly. The sounds effects are appropriate and make sense as to what goes on throughout the game. There's no music but I don't feel it would add much to the game since it's more action than horror.

Game-play: It's a fun shooter I love the choice of weaponry most of which are zombie appropriate. (You can;t g wrong with a shotgun.)The difficulty, the pacing to which your guns upgrade, and how common health appears is perfectly balanced almost as if on cue. Every moment I'm near death is always an intense struggle to get that one health icon or become zombie chow trying.

However there's one crucial problem with the game thats hard to ignore and thats the dodge button. It's very unresponsive and I can seem to get it's functionality down it doesn't respond at all while shooting and when it does respond I have to spam the hell out of the space bar to get ONE roll going. Even though I don't need to rely on it when the difficulty is manageable for my arsenal alone. it would make a HUGE difference on how often I'll see a game over screen on those intense difficulties. A minor technical issue is the lagging but it doesn't make the game unplayable and as said by author you can lower the quality to make it less likely.

Also the game can get repetitive after acquiring all the guns. even going back and forth through portals to catch a breathier and get a quick level up. (Though on harder difficulties those portals are death wishes.) However the game autosaves everything you've upgraded which is great and adds replay value and shedding some of that repetitiveness.

Overall: It's a solid enough to enjoy for approximately an hour or 2 and visiting again on another day. Despite it's faults it's a decent kid friendly zombie shooter that everyone can enjoy.


It was a bit repetitive, and far too easy. Still, it provided amusement.