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Reviews for "Zombie Stalker"

This game feels underdeveloped. If you explored the concept a bit more and balanced the leveling then this would be a much better game. Right now it's unbalanced and underdeveloped.
The portal idea would be cool if you went to more than 2 places.

The art was really interesting, I liked all the different zombies, especially the staggering ones. What I didn't like was that there didn't seem to be much of a difficulty curve. Upwards of 10 minutes the huge zombies are spawning often, but so long as the gun was upgrading along with the difficulty, they never seemed to gain any more health.
All in all a decent zombie game. Congrats on front page!

Too repetitive and the weapons and enemies aren't exciting at all. I will give you props for putting a dodge roll ability in a top down shooter, I've never seen that before and it seems very useful for a zombie game... too bad the game itself isn't so good.

It was good for a level or two, so thats how many stars i'm gonna toss your way.

It's ok not really anything special though.