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Reviews for "Zombie Stalker"

the game is okay. weapon system sucks. i want to change weapons not stick with the same one. the level up concept is pointless you just get full ammo back. i still have yet to find out what the gold is for also. just needs more to it not just starting killing zombies. the levels repeating is pretty annoying to, things just need to be changed up

It's fun, simplistic, and entertaining. All things I love in a game, and I love this one. But the weapon system...It bothered me. I would have loved a way of changing betweens weapons, especially considering how they all differ so greatly with their uses. I understand it, but I just don't enjoy it. Aside from that, the game was entertaining and fun, the graphics were nice, if a bit odd looking, and the sound effects were solid. Overall a good game.

gameplay: 0
accually kinda lame and repeating
hud graphics: 3
not to good or bad
menu graphics: 3,5
not too bad actually its nice and tidy
game graphics: 0,5
cheap and not realistic

to next time: use better sprites on the players and enemy s and make it more creative
and you should have a good game

This game is very fun. You'll probably get annoyed at the fact that your handgun is going to level upâEU"a lotâEU"and it might not be the game for you. The harder the game gets, the more you're going to dodge and roll. I've had a lot of practice with this game over at MiniClip. A good zombie game gem.

This is a great game, I just sort of didn't get the point of
how the weapon gets upgraded, but its a pretty fun, Zombie 3rd person-shooter