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Reviews for "Zombie Stalker"

I'd say the same things as Fattygecko (except for the first 3 words perhaps^^).. but it's unoriginal und not much motivating (no real objectives) and that's why it gets boring after a while of playing. But I also think, you COULD've done better.. :)

(sigh) seriously? it sounds nice but is so old school! c'mon! improve the levels, enemy graphics, weapons, bosses, story line, and maybe add a buy menu. Then you will have a decent game!

This game sucks- there is no real objective to work towards, no indication of game progress, no interesting diversity in the weapons or zombies, and after playing it for about 2 minutes I found it was also boring as hell. I will say that there was some good work with the 3D graphics, but other than that I don't see anything else special about this game. good effort but I think you could have done a bit better.

it sucks like HELLLLLL!!!!!

Not really enjoyed it through, but got me playing it for a while.

It really is kind of boring that random zombies appearing out of nowhere and no scenario/story is stepped up the stage. The 3D-ish models are a minor plus, but the weapons and gameplay are not really interesting/dynamic.

It's still nice to see MiniClip doing some flash games that make it through the spotlight.