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Reviews for "Zombie Stalker"

eh the run of the mill zombie game im not gonna lie its not 100% terrible but it gets so boring after 5 or 10 minutes and a little more attention to detail would be nice like the rifle was a minigun in the game yet it had a picture of a mp5 little things like these can make or break a game

This literally could not be more generic. It's just... Dull. There's nothing to it. Even such a classic as shooting down zombie hordes needs some kind of story and framework to it, and this doesn't have anything at all.

It's....really generic. Is it a bad game? No, not by far. But did it deserve the front page? Not even. It's a good time waster, but there are just so many top down shooters exactly like this that the only difference is it's coat of paint, in this case, a sort of rough coat of paint.

Good but very ordinary. The fact is it just isn't very good anyway there's nothing really that makes it stand out. Although it runs well and is playable so I won't give any bad scores.

Couldn't be more generic

Can't anyone make zombie games that aren't just walking around with a million bullets and weapons and shooting a million zombies.