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Reviews for "Verge"


Challenging but not impossible... great game!

its pretty new and neat

graphics remind me of Cave Story.


The game is so cool and well made.. but I continue to obtain medals and they don't appear when i refresh the page :S i think there is a bug

An imagination arousing masterpiece.

Its extremely rare these days to come by a game that's as well made as this. I find that most develops are either focusing to much on the difficulty to enjoy the concept or to much on the concept to enjoy the game play. This is clearly not the case with Verge, I'd say you balanced the two perfectly and it blended into a piece of work that really leave its mark on the imagination.

The controls are very response, easy to use, what more can one ask for? granted there isn't much to do in beside move and jump, response time of the controls is still very much key, especially in the second to last final area where you need to utilize tricky jumps in order to get passed very spikes.

The sound and music is absolutely amazing, i put the emphasis on the music because it blends so well together with the concept, As you progress through the game you start to wonder and form your own idea of a story which I will get to in a moment, but the music is almost trance like, aiding in or rather your imagination in putting together your own idea of the concept behind Verge. The voiced when on the "Death" side of the stage, that you hear in the background. I LOVED that, it was creepy, it was unique, and it really had me thinking all sorts of neat things.

Speaking of the story, some people may say its lacking, I say the story is whatever you want it to be. I would have loved to have a bit more detail on what was going on, but NOT having the details allows for the imagination to run wild. With the help of the music mentioned above, you start to form and piece together your own idea of a story behind the current situation. At first I thought I as the player was on the verge of death, and going back and forth from life and death was just me slowly dying and being revived by someone, like I had been in some sort of accident and was desperately trying to be resuscitated. This was fueled even more by the creepy voiced heard when you are on the death side of the level, which I though could be surrounding people looking on or even EMS sounds. This is the story i stuck with when i reached both endings, *** Spoilers ahead*** The angel you follow through the levels, perhaps your guardian angel showing you the way back to life for your second chance? or denying the angels help and accepting your fate and returning back to heaven where all souls leave and return to? Make what you want of it, thats what I got.

With that being said the game is extremely enjoyable, even the graphics are pretty nifty, that that crazy after image effect around the angel? pretty neat if you ask me. This is a game that i'm sure most people will find enjoyable, and as a developer you should feel a great accomplished for making is succeed the way you did.

Congratz and keep up the great work.

Fantastic Game!

It had a good build in pace of puzzle difficult and mechanic introduction and application. Everything is very possible with a difficulty to it to make it not frustrating but also not boring. The controls are pretty tight, sometimes the block gets kind of finicky though.

I really like the underworld changing up the directional buttons as well as the use of the momentum jumps with that gimmick. Sometimes I'd appear in the underworld with a ghost immediately on me, I wasn't clear on how to 'shake' it off, I presume moving back and forward, but I'd still get some annoying deaths from that.

I'd like a medal for not having to continue from a ghost death as well as killing as few enemies as possible. The two lizard/dragons in level 9 on the path up to the block are the only ones that'd be very hard to avoid, trying it I was only able to not kill one of them, while getting the block down. Just a thought though. Otherwise everything was awesome, I especially liked the last level...the real one.