Reviews for "Verge"

Very well thought out

A game where you see what actually happens when the adrenaline kicks in and is used to solve problems? Absolute genius, I also like the nice simplicity when it came to the visuals, making for a great game. 10/10!

Really cool.

I think it's really awesome. I think I enjoy this journey. :)


kinda a differnt take on the dhift games, i love it , its great


I like songs this game.


At first, when I was playing, I was starting to get bored. But then, after having to die, that's when the whole game changed. I love that concept. The only thing I disliked was the controls, the walking. Not a big deal, and it doesn't affect anything with the game at all, but it felt to me like an ice level on platform games, where after you stop running you slide a little bit. But, it was still very smooth, and it was more of a minor thing to me.

The music went extremely well this this too, it really made the atmosphere of the game, and the challenges were very fun. This is a very well made game, great job! I would have docked a point for the walking controls, but for the concept alone you get a 10/10, & 5/5.