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Reviews for "Verge"


Great game!

Well done

Game is cool and interesting. Nice pacing and nice music as well.

***SPOILER***(Please don't read if you don't want to be spoiled)

Return to me --> Move towards the angel and be consumed by the light

Welcome Home --> Collect all faeries to get this alternate ending. Faeries can be found in the underworld so get killed

Perpetiel's Wings --> Beat the game under 6 minutes

Loki --> Kill all monsters in every level

Simply amazing

While the graphics were simple, they made the game what it is, a stunningly profound platformer with a beautiful mixture of puzzle and skill. I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this game, quick though it was, but I can't help but feel that there is some deep hidden meaning behind this game that I am failing to pick up on.
I would love to know what inspired you to make this game.

Excellent Game

Great idea. For sure the best game I've played in months.

This is an amazing game. The puzzles are very clever and the music and art totally immerse you in te experience. The only flaw is the control. The delay in the jump command can be grating when you are attempting precision platforming and movement is kind of slippery, however, you do grow accustom to it. Great work.