Reviews for "Verge"


The game was plain easy but at the time real creative n cool.

Simply amazing

While the graphics were simple, they made the game what it is, a stunningly profound platformer with a beautiful mixture of puzzle and skill. I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this game, quick though it was, but I can't help but feel that there is some deep hidden meaning behind this game that I am failing to pick up on.
I would love to know what inspired you to make this game.


The point of perception isn't difficult to follow, the 8-bit pixel graphics are amazing. The obstacles are very occupational. The music is very neutral. A very amazing game!

Very awesome game!

The game play was fairly simple and the story was simply how do you interpret death and the paradox of a world that exist within our own. The only thing that annoyed me was the fairies, who would think to die on the first level....spoiler alert by the way, and the rest were just simply going the wrong way, dying when you think you shouldn't and going the wrong way. All together amazing game you have earn yourself a 10/10.

A beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable game. It's challenging enough to not be too easy, but not so long that you get horribly frustrated. The graphics are simple and beautiful, accompanied by haunting music, fitting sound effects and an intriguing storyline, complete with the twist of two alternate endings to boot!

This was wonderfully executed, and quite disturbing at times, perfectly fitting the theme. I really enjoyed this game, and would love to see more collaborations between the two of you involved in making it. Your skills came together perfectly.