Reviews for "Verge"

I like it...BUT

ok i rate this 10/10...its obvius
i have a problem....ok...problem numbah 1:
i did the both endings "Return to me" and "Welcome Home" but..... now i cant do the "Welcome Home" again...cuz wen i reach the Lvl. 9 there some Butterflies left in that butterflie blocks to jump on to go to the portal to go back to live and stuff what i do?
Problem numbah 2:
how i get the Medal "Perpetiel's Wings" ?
NOTE: if yah know what to do ... in one of theyse problems OR both...just send me a mensage
-Thanks for reading all this stuff -.-'

kurismakku responds:

I will check later why it's right now impossible to get good ending for second time... Expect the update in few days since it's Christmas and everything is crazy !
As for that medal, you need to beat the game under 6 mins ! Merry Xmas ! :)


The part where it shows the time it took to beat the game is kind of scary... but otherwise I loved it, the music, the effects, how death didn't mean the end for this person.

This is really good

I really love this game
It is really fun and enjoyable

@Thrombosis, yea i think you are the only one

great game

Loved the death mechanic. great puzzles. nice atmospheric music and look. The length is perfect too because it leaves you wanting more after the first play through. Nice work!

I adore this game, it could be on a console for sure.