Reviews for "Verge"


this game got all i search

Very good new twist

I really like this game, in the sense that death is key to victory. I think its funny how between this game and Depict1, spikes are acctually helpfull. You have put out amazing stuff. Keep making more!

I fell in love.

I absolutely love this game. I did get frustrated at some points, but only because of my bad playing, as soon as I figured out what I was doing wrong the love came right back. The mystery surrounding just what is going on left me wanting more, like a favorite book that you want to read forever. This is definitely going in my favorites.


The graphics are simple, but this game is interesting. It's another kind of platform game, not like those we can find everywhere. And the music is beautiful
I wonder what's the story of this little soul.

I like it

Cool lil game for some reason it reminded me of an old game for NES called Monster Party