Reviews for "Duty Hill"


great game but in the death screen you should add a return to armory button, quite a few times i found my self wishing that i had dropped that extra point in damage or clip size, not to mention feeling like i maight have made a mistake in the gun i bought ,add that and this will be one of my favorite time killers

great game

I Suggest the sniper and this game nearly looks like a part of Modern Warfare


I agree with Trickman, this game was fan but way to easy. If u make another game like this make the best gun cost more.

Fun, but really easy

How to win. 1. Get sniper rifle. 2. Increase rifles damage and ammo. 3. pwn

Too easy

It was quite fun and well-made, but the sniper rifle was WAY too overpowered. It should probably cost 30K or so, as it kicks so much ass that even the 15K weapon looks crappy in comparison.