Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Good Game but...

I agree its a very godo game, but the pistol is WAAAAAAAY to overpowered, 98% of my shots are insta kills with bullet piecring i basically auto win :\

cool game. . .

it was fun, but a few things. . . grenades would have ben nice, along with some remote traps, also. maybe some different terrain, as if you were given no choice but to fall back or you had other areas to cover, that would have been cool. Other than that good job I put this in my favorates. . .

Not bad

Hum... Not bad.. However, i can immideately see the same font used in the previous call of duty titles.
Also, SAW is short for Squad Automatic Weapon, i reckon.
A good game, always love a defense game like this one. nice job.

assault rifle fun time

pistol is very scrapy with a +1 damage.

save up for the AR and save points. by that time you should have 2 stars.

AR does slight penetration so put the 2 stars into ammo. next 2 stars into damage. max out the AR in ammo and damage. buy mashin gun when ready as a back up.

completely max out the AR and when shooting, aim up and sweep down for massive troop murder.


challenging, still very good time waster.