Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Maybe Too Easy

Nice game, compact, easy and quick 4 a long night whrere you wanna play many games.
You make us feel we're great gamers in the way tje difficulty is adjust. Maybe you can add levels to change de difficult. It seems to me that all of them are piece of cake and only various ins the amount of soldiers in each level.
Sure I recognize the colors of them implicates their levels, but with an well equipped sniper i killed them off easily.
Keep up the great work! :)

Reloading sucks

The time it takes to reload is fucking ridiculous.

Not the best...

It is impossible to obtain enough money for the light machine gun by means of unupgraded weapons alone; the pistol has zero penetration and does not allow for one-hit kills, the submachine gun, like the sniper rifle, has an excessively slow reload rate, and the assault rifle's low magazine capacity necessitates excessively frequent reloads in the absence of seemingly flawless aiming skills on the player's part. If you wouldn't object to doing so, here are some suggestions on how to correct this:

1. Add more damaging weapons that can be quickly reloaded, like a revolver or carbine.
2. Make it possible for the in-game character to dual wield pistols and submachine guns.
3. Reduce the price of the light machine gun.

In addition to this, some players may find a reload progress indicator which temporarily replaces the aiming reticle useful.


... if you would have done this game about 20 years ago - now it seems like it is dedicated to the "nothing new or interesting"-button.

Haha! 1 against a million

The game is funny but a bit too easy. It gets annoying after a while. Looks like the little army toys I'd play when I was just a kid.