Reviews for "Duty Hill"

so, what's the backstory?

Soldier: "General, we've almost won. There's only a single enemy left, hunched up next to those explosive barrels. Should I just shoot the barrels?"
General: "Soldier, don't even think about it. You're not trained to handle explosives!"
Solider: "Alright. We'll have a Sniper climb that bilding over there and take him down."
General: "Enter an unknown building? Are you insane? We don't know if the building is up to code. It might collapse any second."
Soldier: "Maybe we could send a scout squad to circle around him and take him out from behind?"
General: "What? You want to send our troops behind enemy lines? That's stupid! Attack from the front!"
Soldier: "Alright. I'll send in all our troops to storm the enemy."
General: "ALL of them? What if this is an ambush? No no, send in a small team first, to determine if it's safe."
Soldier: "*sigh* alright, commencing Wave 1.."
General: "That's better. And don't forget to sell him some new weapons now and then. This guy will make me rich! $$$"

Was still fun once, but it's hardly original.

Great and simple

Great fun, I played it all the way to the end. However, I found the sniper to be overpowered. I was mowing down wave after wave with its quick reload, piercing, and one-hit body kill.


fuck yeah!

Pretty Awesome

The Idea is very overused and there wasnt anything special about this game however it was 'pretty awesome' the music was good but slightly repetative if you added 2 more tracks this would have fixed the problem the animation was basic which is alright if you going for a normal game but if you want to be someone well known you should add some style to it. The coding was done very well i can see hopefully you're planning on making a sequal with some tweaks and additions some great things to add would be
-more weapons
-more levels
-more infanty (tanks,jeeps ect)
-when you are using the sniper it should change to first person
-more custimazation (weapon upgrades,different types of bullets)
-maybe a storyline?

Other than that you've got the game set i really enjoyed it, its a very simple game nice touch on the highscores and i hope you make a sequal

good, but...

it has been done a million times allready