Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Pretty well done defense game. The animation and art style is quite nice. I beat the entire game only using the M-16 and upgrading its ammo capacity and damage, worked well for me

great game and here are some tips:
1 do NOT get the fourth gun it has only 6 bullets at the beginning a complete waste of 6000$
2 get the SMG after wave 2 and the sniper rifle after wave 4
3 head-shots are easy with the SMG so use it to kill packs of soldiers
loved the game use the tips to your advantage :DDDDDDDDDDD.....etc

Good Graphics

assault rifle ftw :D nice game too :D

Fun a few flaws but overall a fun game.
You can beat the game with only one weapon, but its fun to try the few other weapons out.

Upgrade the sniper all the way and pick em apart.