Reviews for "Duty Hill"

duty hill rocks

super good game

Well... Easy... 7 stars

Heres what you have to do!
Keep the points for 2 levels and hang on with the pistol!
3rd level get sub machinegun and fully upgrade damage.
(now headshot kills instandly)
4th level upgrade your magazine (just for a litle bigger waves)
5th level upgrade penetration (is it called like that? :S)
Now you have a fully powerfull auto gun
fully upgrade magazine
then fully upgrade penetration....
Then what youll see is a sub machine gun turn into a minigun!!! that changes magazines really fast!

And thats why i give you seven.. Ten if i really had to change guns to save time before i "lose" .. :S

not bad

it's a good game but it needs a little bit more of a chalange. I mean i got the sniper and after that i only used that i only bought the other stuff fot the achievement.
But it's way too easy.
But overall its good make a nuther one with.: More guns, More enemies (types like: pistol, submachinegun, motarers, snipers etc) more upgrates. Also a way to turn money into poinst to upgrate weapons.

Good game ...

This is a very good game and i had fun ... However its way too easy. What i mean is i got the sniper rifle right away and nobody could get like 2 ft in the map before i killed them. Do a balance, maybe a bit more RL time of the sniper rifle(cause when you get the clip upgrade its too good). The pistol is useless(maybe a bit more power). The other 2 are ok no need to change anything. And add a bit stronger unit like some sort of Boss that is not as easy to kill. Those are my thoughts, hope you dont take them the wrong way. Overall 7/10

Good time-killer.

Great time-killer. Reloading takes to long though! Whenever I reload the S.A.W. I get overrun! Also It would be more fun with more weapons. I once you buy them all money becomes useless. Still, pretty fun.