Reviews for "Duty Hill"


Lv.9 sniper rifle

Good little time waster.

Yes, the enemy variation wasn't super diverse, but they had both varying ranges and weapons they used. Most people got pissy about not being able to aim effectively with the M249 SAW (btw, the saw stands for squad automatic weapon, not squad assault weapon [Yep, I'm that OCD] ), but in my experience its pretty simple. If you fire elongated bursts and just sway it everywhere, the accuracy gets pretty shitty, however if you used short controlled bursts and focus on small groups of targets at a time, thing aims like a dream, with is more realistic in that sense. I honestly, found the M16 and M21 useless, and the P-90 damn near perfect. All-in-all, a great game, short and basic, but very high quality in all the content (drawing, programming, etc).

Overall, 9/10, 5/5

too easy

your avg. score wont be that low if you simply change the math, too easy

no option to return to menu after you die...

This is a decent, basic defense game...except that when you lose a round you are forced to re-fight it with no option to use your accumulated cash to improve your load-out (or even to return to main menu). Given the otherwise polished nature of this game, maybe this was an attempt to be "different" or "realistic", but really it just ruins it for me. Fix that, and you would get an 8 or maybe even 9.

Good game.

I am giving you 9-stars because: the people who give this game a low score for idiotic reasons, are not playing the game to its fullest! First off the LMG only has a horrible range IF YOU DON'T STOP FIRING. It's called firing in small bursts, the game even tells you to do that when you die. Second, of course when you get further into the game it is going to get harder.. It's not going to wait for you? Also, what diversity do you need besides colors? These are ARMY men, remember those little things you used to play with when you were younger? Yeah, those things. I do admit though, you could manage to make the game longer and more weapons. Maybe even better upgrades at the cost of making the game harder? Good game, people need to play more and maybe get a bit better at shooter games before they throw them off as a "horrible and stupid game".