Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Not a bad game

What I liked about this game was how there seemed to be some really weird graphics in it. I mean, everything looked bulgy. It was just way too silly looking not to enjoy. This was great because I had so much fun gunning these suckers done over and over. It did run into problems when it seemed like there were way too many of them! I thought my overall problems would be solved if I simply got the bigger gun!

It's nice to hear this suiting music. What's also cool is how you really get the sense of being in a war zone or simply an adventure. You could have used some better designs and variants for the enemies. Just make them look detailed, but I will give you props for the background. At least I got some kind of medal.

it's an okay game

It works as it is, but I have two pieces advise: Give more than one weapon point per level; right now one only gets enough to fully upgrade one weapon, and by upgrading the sniper rifle, one does not need any other weapon.

the second advise is: remap the reload button; it's al well and good that it is easy for you to find it, but on my keyboard that button is an 'Æ' and is located over by the 'return' button... it cost me a couple of tries to find that out. Since there is no need to change away from sniper rifel it was okay, but annoying that I could not find it without pressing every key on my keyboard.