Reviews for "Duty Hill"

its pretty good except once you get good enough with one gun, all the other guns are useless.
i liked the sniper
word of advice, always take out the snipers first

Good game overall ... but the buyable weapons are kinda unnecessary. You can beat the whole game with just your pistol if you upgrade the damage and piercing.

Other than that great job, I really like these kind of tower defense and upgrade games.
4 stars cause it wasn't that long and the enemies didn't really change much.
(Boss battle maybe? =P)

Dude This game is Awesome!!!! It puts Shooting People And buying and upgrading weapons in to 1.

Really Easy.

At first, I used all the weapons and lost pretty fast.
Then I restarted and just upgraded my Sub-machine gun all the way, and had complete control of every battle with the ONE weapon.
Good game, only thing is that sometimes the enemies blend in pretty well to the background and I need to spray the area to find out who is shooting me.
The light machine gun didn't do much for me, not very strong and had alot of recoil.

could be better

this game is okay except for two things: the reload time takes SOOOOO long; and the accuracy thing is totally annoying! you can't hit ANYTHIG with the LMG