Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Weapons need more balance.

Beat the game with a pistol, really no need to switch weapons especially with how easy headshots are. Upgrade penetration first and you're taking out 3+ people in a single shot, add damage/ammo upgrades and you can just fire away with great accuracy.

Besides this, I liked the concept and oddly the art style. Was a bit disappointed that you couldn't see what made each weapon "unique" as you described it until after you bought it. (Since you can't view a weapon's description until bought)

It just needs a better sequel

More Weapons, Perks, Levels, and Hell, even backup support. I really liked it, but it was too short IMO. Nevertheless great job. =)

Pretty good

It was a pretty good game overall, but i went through the game with tons of extra cash, and nothing to spend it on. I used the sniper rifle the whole game, in my oppinion it was WAY overpowerd. I was left wishing for more things to buy, like traps, or maybe the ability to buy upgrades, instead of one every level.

Rank 167 all time though, haha. Good game.

Above 'okay'.

There are a few issues I have with this game.
1) The money system is practically worthless, I bought all of the weapons like 3 or 4 rounds before the end, I wasn't counting. I think it would have been more effective to allow the user to spend money on upgrades, rather than only getting 1 point per wave. As it is currently, you pretty much have to invest everything you have into one weapon.

2) The Sniper Rifle is way too overpowered, since even non-headshots will still almost kill enemies, even without damage upgrades. I think other weapons should be made more powerful for body-damage, and the sniper rifle should be for people who are confident in their aim.

3) The bloody screen effect only really works in FPS games, and even then it's kinda annoying. Especially when you have enemies spawning from the left side of the screen and you can't see them because the screen is covered with blood. It would probably be more effective to have a health bar at the top of the screen that flashes when it gets low, since alerting the player that they're about to die is important. I just think you did it the wrong way.

4) The weapon variation was pretty shallow. There was a pistol, a sniper rifle, and 3 automatic weapons that function at different ranges. How about shotguns for when a bunch get close? Or heck, maybe grenades and/or flamethrowers?

Just awesome

This game is Just awesome! It allows the user to choose from an arsenal of weapons while he is defending the hill. Enjoyed very much good work!