Reviews for "XenoSquad"

Done right, the X-Com style tactics games are about as good as gaming gets.
This one is done right.
Main down side was not enough "character development" in that at level 8 they were done with all mods, and not enough battles to fight. Both are basically "I'm loving this and want more of a good thing."

Love the game, I am a sucker for well conceived X-com kind of gameplay. nice looking 3D graphics though, the art style is consistent and provides for a nice ambience. only wish there were more games of this kind in newgrounds.

Needs fast forward button, but otherwise a great game!

great pontential but.. it should be 1st person shooter mixed with this and it would be an amazing game!

great games, but kindda short, the thing i didn't like about the game was that i had to wait for ALL the enemies to move before i could move again, wish there was a fast forward or skip button, cause it just took too long for my taste, the other slight let down is the fact that all 4 units (except magnus), can easely fill in all the positions and have all there stats maxed out if you "train" them well, there fore it gets really easy after they all get the second riffle weapon and they ll end up pretty overpowered, but it still made a real cool game, hope the'res a second part and that it's more of a challenge