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Reviews for "XenoSquad"

Very good game, nice graphics and interesting

It did feel too short though... and too easy towards the end, the "middle" missions were the most challenging ones in fact. Seeing "only" five enemies didn't look impressive, but they're quite different from one another, making the game definitely more interesting. The graphics are very good IMO, it's just a pity that the camera couldn't be moved more freely in order to enjoy them better!

Great game!

I really enjoyed this game, though I wish it were longer. Only things I had a problem with was, like others have said before, the fact that all your infantry can max all their skills. Also, camping the spawn points with a bayonet made things a little too easy.

Here's an idea:
Level Cap: 10
Skill Point per level: 3
Skills: 10
Slots per Skill: 5
This will equal to 30 total points to be distributed into 50 slots. This way, you can make specific infantry specialize in a certain area.

More weapons, levels cap, skill slots, enemies
Show enemy HP when hovered/selected

Great game!

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. My biggest problem was, as some people already pointed out: your soldiers all become maxed out before the last 2 missions. This makes any kind of specialization pointless. Also the game was a bit on the easy side.

BTW, does the final mission end if I destroy all the spawn points before the clock runs out? I think it might be done, in my playthrough I wasted a lot of time early on and was only 1 turn short.

I like strategy games.

This is a great strategy game. A 3D one too, that deserves some credit! If a part two is made, I would suggest more weapons. 9 out of 9.

awesome game!!!

an excellent game, I dont know nor ever heard of "incubation" but Im fond to a little classic named X-Com, this game brought back some good memories.

very enjoyable. hope u r inspired to make more ambitious project.