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Reviews for "XenoSquad"

simple awsome :)

you sir have made a great tactical game in a day and age where even the big dawgs can't even get the simpliest of tactics down. with that said, here is some pro's/con's i seen while playing this epic awsome game :)

pros: -awsome use of tactics and small squad tactics
- game looks and feels great and comforatable
- varity of guns was limited but each had its own use/weakness which made you have to plan ahead a little to make the best team

cons: -enemies are to easy to kill near the end
- assult rifle bayanet and grenade launcher makes the game to easy towards the end
-though some monsters have good ai, it seems to be only the long range mobs (i love how they will keep cover and let the zerglings go first to waste your ammo)

suggestions: - maybe a difficulty lvl setting, normal as it is.. and maybe a hard where mobs have more hp, more farther and so on.
- a line of command for the mobs, ea: a overlord that boosts the zerglings movement rate/damage. or improved bug alien ( 1 you can only kill from behind ) that can move farther and effectly shield wall push
- different vents that spawn more or different mobs
-greande launcher needs big nerf, 2 easy after you get this baby. maybe make it miss alot on faster mobs and not so much on mobs that barely move. lower splash damage to maybe a few points. also, i was thinking if it knocked the mobs around some would add some tension to it. EA: hit mob A in the middle of a group, mob B is pushed closer to your team by 2 blocks via concussion. more tactical room for error
-lastely the assult rife, love the idea of a melee meat shield. but have it miss some and maybe add a melee accuracy/damage stat to tech marines into the meat shield.

last thought, by no means am i saying this is bad. i freakin love it love it love it. very sad to see it end, with a little adjustments and i can see this being open market. and my god, multy player could be insane!! :)

sorry for the wall of text, i usually don't type so much. that just shows how awsome this game is :)


I would recommend this game to everyone I know.I like the teamwork element and strategy side to it,placing them in different areas and putting everyone to good use. I also like the leveling on each character,eg. a long range sniper with a high damage soldier with an assault rifle.The levels seem to be exciting and keep the player hooked without letting them get bored ,maybe if a bit boring while you have to see the every enemy move across the map. It may have been a bit better to show the entire map and every enemy player move at once and be able to replay it as many times as he wants so he can check that he can see everything he wants to.Keep up the good work! :D

There needs to be more of these..

El Guapo agrees with my fellow newgrounders has room for great potential, should have more characters, levels, harder enemies, maybe a boss or three, but I had a lot of fun playing this. The RPG element made this! I only wish there was a skip enemy turn button where I didn't have to sit and watch/wait for my turn to come around kudos.


it has such great potential
you should make another one with more character types guns enemies, etc.

Fun game..

But... it gets too easy towards the end. The final level is a huge let down.