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Reviews for "XenoSquad"

Being a flash game, you can´t remake the original without a lot of work(months or even years), but you do get the spirit and the style of incubation(I´m still trying to find a decent port to windows 7, and your game satisfied my urges)

I played and loved "Incubation".
So I see that you overtake the game 1 to 1. The enemys the tactical system the structur of the maps etc. The differences are; that your game is much easier, more unbalsanced, you have got no map and (but thats clear) its much shorter.
Realy good game, but I think I would love it more if I wouldn`t know the original game, which is deffinitly unreached by yours (sorry but I think you know that too).

Ps: nice too see that other people still love the masterpieces

Its a good TRTS (Tactical Real Time Strategy) game, interesting design,simplistic but really nice armor and weapon designs (really reminds me of Quake 2), good gameplay, but there are some problems. Firstly its the combat, the problem is that enemies can basically attack as many times as they want no matter what weapon. If any thing make it so that in combat for the players and aliens they can only attack once. This way the guns that have burst shot (Like the assault rifle and standard rifle) will be much more valuable and this way the game will be much more balanced. Welp that's it. Good game overall and I really like and I hope you make a sequel (just keep that whole combat thing in mind)

Needs multiplayer

and too easy

Could you make a sequal?

This game was amazing. If you make a sequal here are some ideas

Multiplayer, online or hotseat, co-op or versus
add another heavy
more levels
a mode where you send aliens after the marines
more weapons
more missions