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Reviews for "XenoSquad"

Very hard start

the game is cool but its absolutly impossible to start off. Your accuracy is really bad no matter if you level it every level. You have no idea what your doing.

Loads of fun - Lacks challenge and length

This game was tons of fun, but there was no real challenge. If you pick up all the credits you find, you can keep enough strong guns to not have an issue. The only level I had to play more than one time was the one with the moving platforms, and only because I kept screwing up the puzzle part, forgetting to keep people at each place that moved platforms, and so screwed myself over. After the level with infinite enemies, there was no more issue - all my characters were max level after that. Defense with the assault rifle was over powered. Nothing could touch you. Hell, defend was over powered in general, as anything you saw died by the time it was close enough to attack. With the assault rifle, though, ANYTHING that got in melee range instantly was dead.

TL;DR - Add challenge and length. If possible, add extra customization. It was loads of fun though.


I assure you, it was an interesting game with good ol' Bluebyte Incubation, but... just not for me. It kind of bores me.

Freakin Awesome

More of everything with a splash of story and I would pay for something like this, considering it's a clone of Incubation, I may just have to hunt down that old title.

Great game, but... it's a 99% steal!

I'v played the game, finished and liked it. However I didn't like one factor, that simply made the game rating a 1/10... it's a 99% steal of from the original Incubation from 1997! Not only the game cocpet, weapon concpet, character concept enemy concept and level concept, but also the missions goals, map locations and mearly evrything. I'v finished the good old Incubation about a month ago as a "Back to the future game time" and I'm pretty sure about the above.
And what hited me the most? That in the game I didn't found any reference to the original game! Mayby I'v missed something, but if You make a game that is in 99% copying the work of others, than it's simply not right to not mention about it...
That's why I rate the game 0. If there would be references to the original, than mayby a 9 would go up, but becouse of this act... wel... I just doesnt feal right...