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Reviews for "XenoSquad"

XenoSquad Is a Great Game!

I really like this game, the graphics are great, I've never once experienced a glitch, and the game-play is fun. It does get time consuming and a bit frustrating when several enemies are on the map when their turn comes around; I would recommend adding a means of skipping enemy turns altogether. Also, I had hoped to level each of my characters so that each would have a specialty, however, by the end of the game, each character's stats were maxed out and identical; for this, I'd recommend heightening each stat's level cap.

I highly recommend playing XenoSquad, more so if you like strategy games.

Good Start! But needs more; balance and challenge

Take the same game mechanics and clean graphics, the engine I guess you might call it? And work on balancing. As it stands, there is a very simplistic successful tactic through repetitive and effective use of defense, with bayonets especially (removes the ammo factor). One defending sniper can destroy everything on the map without recourse, right about the time he runs out of ammo, all of the ranged enemies are dead and you spend 15 turns watching the zerglings get meleed down with no risk as you sloooowly complete the objectives. So those who are perceiving the game to be to "luck" influenced are a bit off, in fact the issue is that there is no "luck" factor, thus no excitement or risk. You are either using the single perfect tactic which results in zero damage to friendlies, or you are not. I think simply spawning the more advanced enemies periodically *could* solve most of this problem, as they might actually be able to fight back before you bayonet lock the vent.

Good, but too easy

It was a good game, but the challenge disappeared pretty fast.

Also, I found a bug (I think, though it might be on purpose): When you reset a mission, experience gained from that mission is not lost.


Fun game, great graphics, nice weapons, but chance plays too bug of a role. Even the weakest enemies can destroy a soldier with full health when they can attack up to five times in a row. You also cannot sell weapons which bothered me a bit so money would just go to waste.

Meh, luck element makes this not a strategy game

Luck kind of negates any strategy, when I got to the mission with ranged enemies I failed several times simply because over half my shots missed and there simply wasn't enough ammo (even though I upgraded both ammo and accuracy...)

The concept is nice, the application is pretty terrible, nothing kills strategy games like random luck messing up your plans.

Similar to playing a game in a casino, you can have a strategy that optimises your chances of success but ultimately it comes down to luck, and I'm not the gambling type at all >_>

That said, the graphics are nicely done and the gameplay is solid (though flawed) and while the game wasn't enjoyable for me it's still well made.