Reviews for "XenoSquad"

Holy CRAP!

I was in disbelief when I saw that anybody remembers Incubation. That came out in what, '97? And I remember it being faaaaar ahead of its time.

I guess I'm not the only one out there that feels a little nostalgic about those old, great, somewhat obscure games. This game is awesome and it totally makes me want to dig up my Incubation CD and probably end up spending hours attempting to get it to work.

What's next, a flash reboot of Shadow Warrior or Terminal Velocity? How about Terra Nova (no, not the gay TV show, to those uninformed)?

Great job

Gameplay is easy, but I don't think it's a problem to add couple more enemies for each map to slightly increase difficulty.
Programming is just awesome. Polygonal 3d with Flash has to be tons of serious work. Hats off.

Great throwback/retro

Very reminiscent of the old Laser Squad/X-Com titles. Great use of strategy and enemy weakness.

If and when you make a sequel, I would recommend more environmental hazard and puzzle elements like the moving platforms. Also could use more music tracks aside from the few that just looped so quickly.


I graphics for a 3d flash game are amazing! Also you've done a very good job on strategy you have to put in the game, AWESOME JOB! Keep on making great games like this and you will go far!


this is like being starcraft2! well the different thing is no zergs and prottos!
but i soooo like it!!!