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Reviews for "XenoSquad"


Great game, I like it very much.

holy crap


Easy Tactics Game, solid gameplay

XenoSquad started strong and ended mediocre, but it was well worth the playthrough on the whole. The mechanics of defense, troop movement, and heat were well thought out, and I would have liked to see more of them! The last few missions became tedious, as the upgrade system made the characters extremely overpowered.

I think the game would have been playable with no upgrade points spent at all, and would have provided the right level of challenge. While RPG elements are fine and dandy, there would have been enough customization by choosing the weapon "class", and the level up system was unnecessary. If you really want to keep it, bump the difficulty up several notches, and nerf the bayonets a bit (either make it a melee-only weapon, or make the melee minions not one-shottable).

More missions (with a greater challenge) would have enriched the game as well. Enjoyable on the whole, yet definitely not perfect :)

Easy ten

I'm a big incubation fan - and this was great. With a story, more variety in features/enemies/equipment/levels, even a level builder or a sandbox type app with full control over basic stats for shareable modding would make this perfect.

Some parts were a bit frustrating, and a greater focus on strategy would be good, the level design wasn't awesome, the last few missions were tediously easy with a top level squad. The last level was really dull and slow in particular.

Other than that; wow, more please!

Just amazing.

I've yet to see a game such as this, it features not only a very descriptive and helpful tutorial, simple controls, and easy enemies, it also features a nice bit of 3 MOTHERFUCKING D! I'm very amazed that you could pull this off, it's actually rather nice game! Despite the fact there aren't much things to do (only 5 enemies total, 12 levels, 6 weapons) it's easy to pick up and hard to put down. I really am awed at this game!