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Reviews for "XenoSquad"

Great Game!

- Great music
- 3D graphics (love that robust Q1 resemblance)
- Various mission objectives
- Intuitive yet rich controls

Cons (room for improvement):
- Few weapons with low variety
- Few monster types (with few abilities)
- no "meaty" monster that needs more than a turn to take down with high damage weapons)
- Single music track (gets boring)
- Few levels
- Unbalanced: Upgrades > Challenge (especially after grenades)
- Simple story
- No map editor or random generated levels
- Ugly water transparency
- Does it use Molehill? (utilizing GPU could pimp this up quite a bit)


impressed me a hell lot

Love it

Awesome gameplay, very nice lay-out and nice 3d effects !


I liked it very much.
My thoughts are exactly the same compared to people that reviewed before me.

A little too easy. Even though I had to replay since I didn't have enough credits to buy launcher. It was a piss once I got the mechanics right.

Kinda short. It left me wanting for more - in every sense: levels, units, weapons, creeps....

It is an awesome game as it is, but there is a lot of room for an improvement.
Animation length is one of the things that were semi-annoying (To save up some time = when you are trying to block the holes with bayonet wielder take up one of the spawning spots). Another thing was the sniper damage, if it is nearing the max range, it barely does any damage even with all maxed stats. I would have to disagree with the dude who posted before me - sniper is useful, but not necessary. And the last thing is difficulty of final level, way too easy for survival stage. I blew up all the hatches in 19th turn and I had to wait 2 turns for the hatches to open properly so I don't run back and forth.

Other than the last level - if it was harder it might have not been as fun (including micromanagement and the game itself). Keeping it simple are keywords of your success and I salute you sir.

Hope you continue this project and provide us with some more challenge.
This game is too good to be a "weekend project", tactics with existing mechanics can evolve nicely.

This game is awesome

it looks great the weapons and enemies are blanced perfekt and the only way to win is to think (or be super lucky)