Reviews for "I'm Nice!"

Very Good

This is very well presented and a good song too. I like the subtle humor it had, other animations like this usually end with the protagonist going crazy or killing people. This is different in a good way, like a new twist, but still funny. All together an awesome flash and song!

vakavadesigns responds:

I'm glad that someone gets the low-key subtleties! It's not as in-ya-face as a lot of animations, I guess. Definitely not for everyone.

Thanks for your review!

That was cute

Well I have to admit that was pretty hysterical, I'd have to say my favorite part was when he tried to fix the mistakes he made when most were too late, on that note did the giraffe die after the flowers?

vakavadesigns responds:

I'm thinking the giraffe is probably a goner, Darth Bear does a pretty good job with telepathic strangling... I'll have to go check his vitals though.


This song was relaxing and the animation was spot on. Good job!

Not my style

Nice animation, but the song was kind of annoying after a little while. I'm kind of jaded about the whole thing thoug, because I was expecting a twist at the end where he went crazy or something. Overall though good video, just not my style of humor.

vakavadesigns responds:

I appreciate your honesty, and am still glad you gave it an awesome rating...

The humor was more subtle, he's still a bad bear, but now, more full of himself (prideful) and making weak attempts to right what he had done (for example, bringing flowers to the giraffe, who shortly died thereafter - all the while talking about how nice he was)



vakavadesigns responds:

Heheh... One of the best Kanyes of all time! OF ALL TIME! (shrug)