Reviews for "I'm Nice!"

It IS nice to be nice. And a Wally Pleasant fan!

I have been a Wally Pleasant fan for a few years now ever since Wally sent me some music to use for a student radio show I had for free. He has such a wide range of quirky and funny songs that I've always felt would do great in flash animation. I'm glad someone has finally done so. "Stupid Day Job" was always one of my favorite Wally songs so here's hoping that song gets a video one day too.

I loved the animation and all the things that you depicted the now nice bear doing. Nice job on matching the singing with the mouth movment too. I really enjoyed this all the way through. Awesome job!

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks a lot! I think, however, you missed the other animation I made. It's called... Stupid Day Job!

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /562430

Nice Video

I liked the song, the bear was nice, all the costumes the bear wore and all the scenarios with him burning down the village, dressing as Wario were well made. The singing was also very well put together. My only complaint, a bit minor and trivial, was that I felt you could have given the bear a few more poses and positions to be in. I know he's singing to the audience, but it would added to the video so much for him to be turning and jumping, and being a bit more animate. Everything else was spot on, the animation was smooth, just that minor complaint. I wish you luck on your future works.


The simplistic styling definitely drove home the message, I couldn't think of a better way to visualize the song 5/5 & 10/10. keep up the good work.