Reviews for "I'm Nice!"


20% funy & 5% sad

vakavadesigns responds:

You've left out the remaining 75%, so I will complete your very well thought out pie chart.

20% funy (a word you just made up that means who knows what)
5% sad (because you hated the see the little birds get blasted)
75% funny



The animation was good song was fine and it was a decent premise so you get a 8.
Now i personally hated it because im a sadistic person.. sooooo.... this song made me rather agitated(nicest way i can put)... good job though

vakavadesigns responds:

Not violent enough?

Nice =D

Like the drawing style, the song's funny too. Really 'nice', man! Gimme more pls :).

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanx a lot! I'll do my best to make more! I appreciate all your support.


I'm all smiles after watching this. You know it's sad that not many people go to Newgrounds to watch things like this. You guy's know what I'm saying right? I mean, I, myself know that I don't go to Newgrounds to watch things like this. I think that the animation was done just right. It really fit the song. The song was really good. Great job, 10/10.

vakavadesigns responds:

I kinda know what you're getting at, I was concerned that the NG guys would all trample on this like angry buffalo. However, I'm overall impressed with the results here. I don't think the song writer is really a proponent of fluffy and shallow niceties, it's poking fun at those who are "nice" in an over-the-top, outspoken manner.

Hopefully even a trendy internet bad *** will appreciate the cake stabbing, giraffe strangling, gummi bear decapitation, roof-top sniping and monster trucking if nothing else.

Thanks for the review and if life allows I'll try to do more... XD


Well, it's REALLY NICE. And full of meme!
Ignore the hate; this is too nice for it!

vakavadesigns responds:

:) Thankz, glad you like it and hopefully I can manage to do more before too long.