Reviews for "I'm Nice!"


A very nice (literally) music video. The animation was great and the song was catchy! Excellent flash about a bear's redemption. Pretty funny, too! Loved every bit of it.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks a lot! :D


flippin funny

Ha ha ha!!!

Hes pretty much doin everything he says the opposite..


Love the length. Love the words. The animation was beautifully done.

5/5 and a 10/10


Now that was a very uplifting tune, although still kinda corny.

vakavadesigns responds:

Hey Thanks!

I remember you got me a 6 on the last one, and that was because it was too freakin' long. But I considered your suggestion and this is about a minute shorter. The next one should be around 2 minutes I hope. That way it will cause less suffering among all the viewers.

Yeah it's intentionally a stupid song, I think. XD