Reviews for "I'm Nice!"

Vey good.

I like this so much.You are very nice :)

similar and nice x D

thats the style of yogy`s bear isnĀ“t it ?

vakavadesigns responds:

Not really, the Yogy Bear is hand-drawn, this guy is more geometric and flat I'd say. :)


i like the idea of bringing youtube into it. i really liked all the parodies

vakavadesigns responds:

Cool - thanx!

Its good...

But would have been funny if he wasnt nice(which you'd find out at the end) apart from that its great

vakavadesigns responds:

Well he did kick the rabbit which hints that his being nice is largely an act... :D

Love it

It's amazing, people are complaining about the voice, but it's fine, and i couldn't do anything near that well, plus it's a very long song and animation, it deserves the front page, i like the fact that it's child appropriate, and love the animation style, keep it up, i expect more on the front page from you.