Reviews for "I'm Nice!"


That was so nice!
Great message there. Have some 10/10 5/5.


Kinda cheesy for me but Its good. You should make more.

Lols at the gummy bears...

I just don't think the humor in this was quite for me, it was a little to well... Literal, the animation was pretty decent (but at times it seemed like it could use some work)

Now for the song.... it really bugged me (I think mostly because it was really long-winded) and there wasn't much variation in the singing) but that's just IMO

vakavadesigns responds:

I know what you mean with the song, in the future it should be shorter

totally awesome

i like the song and the animation suits very well with it. 10/10 5/5

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for your review! :D


he trolololololed that gummy bear