Reviews for "I'm Nice!"

Awsome flash and song!

The bear making fun of Chocolate Rain video was so funny dude, and also the scenes where the bear is mean and after that when he try to fix his mistakes. Very well planned scenes, that was the key point. Congratz!

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks so much for your review!

You're the second to mention the Tay Zonday parody :)

Kinda subtle, but his 'fixing' his mistakes is too little, too late and adds to the humor.

Khaaah :D

That was awesome x] Funny on so many levels :P I should try to by nice also :P ...so have a 9stars :P


that was.....NICE!

vakavadesigns responds:

Hey thanks! :)

That duck scene was very familiar

Not surprising he was telling a joke about grapes. I recall a music video featuring a duck trying to piss people off by asking him/her if he/she has any grapes. I wanted to know if you watched that video..if you haven't then heres the link:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtN1Yn oL46Q


yeahs You Nice ... xD