Reviews for "I'm Nice!"

You are amazing.

Except the singing voice. Maybe you could work on that.

vakavadesigns responds:

Haha... That's funny, I'm sure the singer would agree as he doesn't claim to have the best voice. But man is that guy crazy with the lyrics.


I like it. It reminds me of those brief moments when I actually enjoy watching Noggin with my kids. And I mean that in a good way. (like a good They Might Be Giants Song).

vakavadesigns responds:

Yeah that was a bit of an influence. I was hoping that having a kid's style animation with a lot of craziness happen would make a humorous contrast.

Thanx for reviewin'!


Even though the bear didn't quite fit the voice, I was quite amused. :)

vakavadesigns responds:

Yeah I know what you mean. This was one haphazard piece of work...


This has to be.......................ONE OF THE MOST FUNNIEST, PANTS-CRAPPING, AWESOMEST SONGS/VIDEOS.........EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Echo)

vakavadesigns responds:

Whoa!!! =))


Verry nice.

vakavadesigns responds:

Yeah, it's okay... I guess...

Thanks for the review! :D