Reviews for "I'm Nice!"

So, got any grapes?

I just had to point out that I got that joke, nicely done. Pleasant song and animation.

vakavadesigns responds:

You're the first guy to pick up on that reference!

Not too clever

I can tell you prob got the idea of this song from "I'm an asshole"
Conidering, its the same concept and the lyrics " I park in handicap places and make fun off all the handicap faces. " Not too far off from what you said in your song. In any other case, I would say it was a coincidence. But given the fact both songs are very related and some lyrics are very similar, I had to give it 3 stars. Might not be considered plagirism, but I still see it as a knock off.

vakavadesigns responds:

I didn't create the song, only the animation. The song was recorded in 1994, and after some research I found the song you mentioned was made in 1993. Perhaps it is intended as a parody. I'll contact the musician and you HAVE MY WORD that I'll push him off the sidewalk and into on-coming traffic just for fun if there's any foul play. I simply will not stand for this kind of incident!!!

umm... ok then

why did u fucking make this not to be mean but why its not bad

It's nice to be nice!

Wow, so you sang AND animated this catchy little song? Niiiice (No Pun intended)

I remember you made that flash about Working for big corporations and how it had a "inspiring message to deliver" with all sorts of bright and colorful animations.

And this is almost the same I loved all the costumes the bear wore from Wario to Kanye it was a cute movie.

Keep up the good work!


Great animation, great song, and really funny, I really enjoyed watching this. You'd be nice if you made more animations and songs like this.