Reviews for "I'm Nice!"


The Song was weird but the lyrics was funny and i like the animation

vakavadesigns responds:

I kind of think the song added to it, but I dunno.

Well, thanks for da review homes.

Very nice.

I have to say though, what he did to Rebecca Black was completely justified!

vakavadesigns responds:

Yeah, I know... It was a bit careless of me, but I had to throw the concept in somewheres :D

Thanks for your review!

Really NICE

The song's reaally nice! It really cheered me up (I had a depression), and I can't stop listening to it! I don't care if the song is yours or not, I just liked it!
Everyone else on the comment page is so NOT nice - stfu and cheer up goddammit! Iz just a cheer - up song, fucking get over it!!! >:(
OMG, that wasn't very nice! <:O

vakavadesigns responds:

Thank you, RussianTankman! Your review is great fun! XD

You can show all of your friends all over the world if you want!

Quite shit

While it looked, OK. The song just dragged on and on, and the singing didn't go with it.

vakavadesigns responds:

Wow. I had no idea what "nice" really was until I read this review! You've changed my life!!!

Not sure...

...what to say. It was a good video, but I didn't like the bear. He had a very ugly smile.

vakavadesigns responds:

Meth mouth from his former life maybe?