Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

Okay, but buggy

Overall it is a good and entertaining game. There are a few minor quirks about the game, other than that it is a few hack and slash combined with magic.
My biggest complaint is that the stats for characters will suddenly changes and never for the good. After getting a warrior up to a strength rating of 400, it suddenly dropped back down to 339. Not very funny. Other stats changes suddenly also. so this could be a major problem when trying to get items that are usable.

Not bad

I played through the whole game in one go so that has to say something about it being fun, the dungeons did get slightly repetitive but it was still nice to have so much different equipment/blacksmith options. The battle system was pretty simple if you choose warrior, just hack and slash away, I only really had trouble with the final boss Anyway good game, maybe next time add some more enemies or at least some unique looking bosses.


Good game overall but theres no black smith in 2nd island?

Nice Game! Worth Improving!

Very nice game, but like many other people have mentioned, it gets old after a while. I liked the graphics, very different than what most other people are doing. Gameplay was nice, - dodging monsters could get a little clunky at times, but it never seriously hurt my enjoyment of the game. I loved how you could upgrade items, and how each item had different benefits; the customizability and upgrades that this game offered were EXCELLENT.

What I would suggest would be to put more emphasis on roleplaying, actually make it into a storyline. Quests like "beat this random monster" or "find me 12 Cyclops legs" are ok, but you could have actually made it into a coherent story that sucked the player in, not just a series of throwaway NPC quests and generic island locales. If you were to make a sequel that focused on just one (or a few) islands, and provided a plot, fleshed out characters, and an ending this could be one of the best online flash rpgs ever. I also never felt like I was exploring, just cruising a grid, if you were to add random elements to the exploration (random or hidden monsters), stuff to find in dungeons beyond monsters and quest items (even hidden cities, wizard keeps,dragon lairs, dwarf mines, and other rpg cliches) and maybe concealed the unexplored grid, it might make dungeon crawling more fun and exciting. Other than that, variation = good. I used just about the same approach for every monster and quest, making it so that I need to customize my gear and tactics for different enemies would make it more fun.


You can reload and get chests w/o ever fighting monsters,

I once could not access a dungeon because the icon was located behind one of the menu buttons..or something...in any event I could not find one of the
dungeons the NPCs wanted me to explore,

Very nice

Cool game, although it was just a tad too repetitive. I chose warrior. It was way too easy for me though. I brought whatever stat affected DEF up to 50 and then put the rest on DEX (dexterity). Almost never was hit and had enough DEF to withstand the big hits from bosses. I don't know if there was this feature or not, I didn't see it right off the bat so I didn't go looking for it, a save feature. <--- would really be nice to have