Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

the game

i like the game it reminds me of two really good ones.
it plays well and when u get used to fighting its all good fun, but tbh its almost a lil annoying when its just the half naked dude and u cant see the armor or the weapon changes. it was a nice creation of everything, really nice art work.
but to be honest the gme itself is a giant loop. u start with junk get better and better to the point ur un beatable. then next area ur back to as weak as u were before, ur weapons go from 1000's in value to you needing 20,000's to even beat a few enemeys. u can argue that its basically how most games are but i really seemed like a big loop in it.

anyway great game, id play it again

friggin awesome

Awesome game!! Good concept, fun and smooth gameplay, really nice graphics..
The game could, however, be improved on some points.

First, the stats and classes of armour. I had a Broken Armor that was twice as good as a Superior Armor. Doesn't sound logical to me.Also, there are too many pieces of equipment/weapons you find. Most of it is lesser than your current equipment, so it's a bit unneccesary and it makes you reach your weight capacity very easily, which makes me go to town to sell it the whole time.

I couldn't help but seeing a statue every time I entered the battlefield. I was playing as the mage, and on the battlefield she looks like a walking statue (or golem..). You might want to add a little colour to her.

One thing that's quite bugging me is the positions of stairs and teleport stones.
I've noticed that the second time i continued the game (with the same character) the next day after the first play, the teleport stone and stairs moved to complete random new positions. I don't know if this is a bug but it is bugging me to be honest.

One aspect that is also lacking is the damage properties of the spells. The spells do very different amounts of damage, yet if I check the skills in the menu, it says something different than it actually is. For example, lvl 1 fireball does 100% elemental damage, while meteor does only 30% elem. dmg. Yet when i use these spells in battle, meteor does much more damage than the fireball does.

This thing is nothing big, but should be more clear. Upgrading a spell/skill apparently requires another spell book to move it to the next level. I didn't know that and kept selling all those books of the skills i already had.

One of the best things about this game is that, aside from the gameplay, the button clicking, response and animation are all very smooth which makes the game much more comfortable to be played. This is something you don't see in too many flash games, which makes this a big fat ++plus++.

One final thing I'm just wondering about: the medals. I got several medals but couldn't check them out anywhere, neither on this NG page, nor in-game.

I may have a lot of points of criticism but this is definately one of my favourite internet games. Keep it up!!!!

4 o kloc

im srry fopr any mispellings but i havbe stayef up since threee in the morning yesrday and i meant to go asleep three hours ago! but any way yah is justy couldntr soop playing until i bert it.


Definitely worth the hype and good ratings! From what I am used to, this rpg brought back originality and didn't try to do "too much". Was simple fun and kept my attention for hours. A second game with a better quest system and level and dungeon order would be nice. But other than that, a great game to add to the intense "must play" newgrounds games!


This game is a great callback to the original rpg styles, would like more classes and better customization like a rogue and optional genders. Otherwise, absolutely great games.