Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

Almost an exact copy of Fate... Just not sure if it'll let me repeat levels with enemies in them too. If not then that sucks. 4 stars just incase it DOESN'T let me repeat the dungeon's enemies and get EXP from them still.

awesome game...but so many bugs and wont save for me -.- every other game on newgrounds saves so its not my web browser i dont think but w/e it'd be cool if you fixed some stuff so it wouldnt glitch for example there was a couple of times i would be at the weaponsmith and every time i click close it would re open and i would be stuck in it -.-

This game is sorted...

I had quite a problem trying to beat the Legendary Rhino and had to grind. It's a nice game though, I wish there were most spells for the Mage.

though game! but yea it was cool!