Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

Very Enjoyable

Well, after mage-tanking my way past the first legendary creature on island 3 and moving on to island 4, I decided to call it quits. The game itself is incredibly addicting. Being a fan of old rpgs I couldn't help but get lost in this game. The concept and system of leveling was made extremely well and the graphics adequate. Although leveling to 50 was relatively quick, the overall process was a bit boring considering the same monsters were just falling into line to get blasted apart by a fireball fight after fight. The mobs were all relatively easy and didn't consume too much time to take away from the game itself. Bosses were a nice touch... Until I got to the legendary monsters, which SEEM to have the insta-rape skill. I also noticed that bosses on the last floor have much more health than ones on the first of any dungeon (Or maybe it's just me).
The blacksmithing system to upgrade your weapons with souls of monsters was very unique and appealing, and the weapon and armorsmith presented useful items. I also found that the process of upgrading your skills through books addicting considering I was always looking for them to increase my damage output further (Though I never found an actual limit to how far you can upgrade your skills).
Anyways, there's a lot more to say but I'll wrap it up. All in all, a decent well made rpg, with minimal errors. Awesome job, I'll be waiting to see what else you come up with later.


this game is good.. i like it.. but, the game has became boring when i had save the second island.. :(

Different for an RPG

It does not help that I am not a fan of RPG's to begin with, but this just came off as confusing to me. For people who are fans, you really should check it out because it does have some original stuff. The CGI is well, it can look kind of silly, but isn't terrible. It's a game where you really do not know what to expect. The voicework is fairly well done too. The music seems like typical RPG music, which I do not have a problem with.

There is a good amount of detail in the aspects of the games. I like it how when you move on a tile, you seem to just go onto a new level. It was a bit hard to keep up with all the stuff you have to buy and exchange. What works is that it has a good adventerous feel to it. While not my kind of thing, I like the ambition you show.

Couldn't stop coming back to the game!

I really like what you have done here with this. There are tons and tons of items and upgrades to find and I like the character building. As far as I can tell there is no end to the game it's just random dungeon after random island.

If you ever make a new one it would be cool if you wrote a main story line that was actually beatable to bring a little more purpose to the game. More creature types would be nice as well.

A Good Throw back to old RPGs

As my title says, it's a really good throw back to the old click to move, heavily relying on a limited amount of schools of magic and/or physical abilities. No stand out issues or problems with the game play, bugs, or glitches. Smooth and enjoyable. But with that said it IS a good game, biggest issue to me was, as many have said before me, gets rather repetitive and boring after the first island. "Fetch" and "Kill" quests are all you're able to do and gets old rather fast. Suggestion of adding an "explore" (sorry if you did add, I've only gotten to the second island) or "forging" quests to change it up. Also can you put a hotkey interface for the player's 4 main buttons? It gets rather annoying after 2 hours to constantly keep clicking after every battle to drag a skill to your character or to apply your status points. sorry just a pet peeve of mine, i kept spamming "A" for Status "I" for inventory "Q" for Quests and "E" for equipments.
Secondly I hate to admit it, being that I am a hardcore gamer... i died, quite a few number of times... But most if not ALL deaths that could have been avoided. First off, the difficulty with the star system is misleading. 0 - 2 stars were easy peasy, literally didn't even have to think and they're going down. But once i got the quest for "killing elites" or "killing legendary" the difficulty shot STRAIGHT up. And for the wrong reasons. I understand they are QUEST mobs, and are much more difficult, but against any OTHER mobs, i NEVER get hit. All my deaths came from the "special mobs" How? Not because i screwed up my combination of "damage spell knock back damage spell knock back" But because i was UNLUCKY enough to have the "elite" and "legendary" spawn right next to me when the battle starts and i get one shotted. Mages are nicknamed "Glass Cannons" for a reason.
Continuing with the "difficulty" it was a bit disheartening that i was level 12 before i went to the second island and i was almost 2 shotting everything on island 1, confident, i thought "ha, island 2 will be just the same!" and i was wrong, went from 2 shotting to 10 shotting, that's not an issue just was rather disheartening to a player to see their "powerful character" turned into a metaphoric level 1 gimp character so suddenly in a matter of one loading screen.
But all in all was a good game, Sadly i'll admit i couldn't bring myself to beat it, (was too repetitive to me, sorry >.<) Hope to see a second version, or more works like this from you in the near future.